• Medical Diagnostic surgical
  • Laboratory
  • Imagining & Radiology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • CSSD
  • Dental / ENT & Maxilfacia
  • AgriVET

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MESCA Company (Medical Scientific Commercial agency) was formed in Egypt on 1979 For more than 31 years, MESCA is showing a progress of success in achieving our commitments to be one of the best medical and scientific supplier in all Arabic regions by using and admitting tomorrow advances, aggressive moves towards our targets of participation in most of medical & scientific projects to help our community and supplies best services to our nations & people.

BY opening & starting our recent expansion in Arabian Gulf area “MESCA Kuwait” to be the service base for Arabian Gulf countries (Kuwait, KSA, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Oman & Yemen) as well as Iraq in near future, throughout our sup-distributors network all around. read more


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